The Horizon

We are lucky to live in a time of change.

Nietzsche wrote that he erased the horizon, Malevich noted that he tore the horizon. I thought it would be worth emphasizing and highlighting it, like a colored marker crossing out a completed paragraph.

Hardly anyone would argue that the world is on the line of change. The loss of the horizon metaphorically erases the spatial perspective, the perspective of time and the future. In my opinion, the focus on the horizon line brings back the desire and hope to move forward. Despite the fact that it is unattainable, it is nice to have the hope of crossing the line and seeing what will happen to our planet next.

I admit that in different parts of the world there are different opinions about the upcoming future. This is something we strive for or intend to avoid. People tend to imagine dreams in the form of visual images. I admit that the shades of their expectations different as well as the color of my horizons.